How Do They Work?

3D Mesh Slows Ticks Ascent by up to 8X
Lymeez 3D Mesh Tick Gaiters work because they confound and repel ticks. Ticks don’t fly or jump! Most ticks climb on from grass and leaf litter. Ticks instinctively explore the 3D mesh (infused with long-lasting microencapsulated permethrin) which slows their climb by 4-8X as compared to plain pants—exposing them to repellent for longer.

The slow-down effect of the 3D mesh was analyzed by timing the ascent of two sets of 25 deer ticks. One set was timed climbing a plain pant leg, the other an untreated pair of Lymeez.

We are 95% confident that Lymeez 3D Mesh Tick Gaiter (as compared to plain pants) will slow the climb of ticks at least 4 times and at most 8 times.

Ticks climbing Lymeez 3D Mesh Tick Gaiters become confounded and expose themselves to the repellent for longer.

(Full Slow Down Analysis, PDF 90KB)